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 ​      COMING EVENT                            January 19, 2019  10 am to 12 pm

 Writing A Good "Bad" Guy                         10055 Library Way, Lone Tree CO

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Why do we love villains? Who knows, but we just do! They can make or break a great story. If we don’t have strong villains, how can we show how powerful our heroes and heroines really are? Creating a great villain can be both challenging and yet fun. Learn the basics of making up great bad guys and gals for your story from multi-published romantic suspense authors, Becky Martinez & Sue Viders, who have just co-authored a book on villains. We’ll compare some of the best bad guys in fiction and learn how you can go about creating your own great villains. 

 "The Plotting Wheel" 

Volume 3 of our Let's Write a Story Series

This book will provide plotting guidance in easy-to-follow steps.

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     Writing Short Stories and Novellas - ​Feb 11- Mar 10, 2019

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Discover books to help guide you on your writing journey. Sue Viders and I continue to publish books that will help you in character and plot developing.

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