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Get help with your characters! Filled with information and easy-to-use forms that can help you breathe life into your characters!

10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters

by Sue Viders, Cher Gorman, Lucynda Storey and Beck Martinez

Published by Lone Eagle

ISBN:  1-58065-068-6

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Learn how to use 16 different archetypes to build your heroes and heroines! This popular guide can help you build believable characters!

The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines

by Tami Cowden, Caro LeFever and Sue Viders

Published by Lone Eagle Publishing

ISBN:  1-58065-024-4

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Deal A Story

A Brainstorming

 Card Game

for writers

One Million story ideas


Play Deal a Story and come up with new ways to torment your hero and heroine! Use Deal a Story to come up with inventive plots and scurrilous villains!

Deal a Story

A Brainstorming Card Game for Writers

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